BoomFTK Camp 2021

Staten Island Summer Camp for 2-10 Year Olds

A uniquely enriching summer camp experience.

Hard or lengthy homework assignments can be an absolute drag on family time and even harsher on hardworking parents. Some students even do well in class but tend to slack on their after school work.

Our brand new homework help program engages students and provides assistance with their homework.

Clean and Safe Environment

Children will have a great time playing in our clean and safe 3,000 square foot state-of-the-art play area and NEW for 2021 is our outdoor play area!

Extended Hours

This camp makes it easy for working parents with extended day hours 7:30 am – 5:30 pm daily.  Children will be provided snacks and refreshments throughout the day.

Well Rounded

Powered by FTKNY and Boomkidz, children will be able to have fun, socialize, and learn all under one roof.

Weekly Topics:

The BoomFTK camp is powered by:

FasTracKids is a franchise established in 1998 in Colorado, USA and is available in 52 countries with over 300 branches. The franchise facilitates educational institutions providing curriculum and methods of teaching based on latest research on how children learn best. 

FasTracKids Academy is all about offering unique educational experience. Promoting the intellectual and personal growth of the youth to lead and exceed expectations is the philosophy behind this prestigious academy.

BoomKidz is a family run and operated entertainment center. The venue  was established in 2015.  BoomKidz offers Staten Island families  a fun affordable option to get out of the house and stay active.  Great care is given to ensure a clean and safe environment where children can run around, socialize and learn how to play with others.

All new for 2021!

Add Eye Level learning to your camp experience! Our systematic, individualized program caters to students of all abilities utilizing a unique and proven learning method. This allows each child to have a customized starting point depending on their ability, regardless of his/her age and/or school grade. Each child’s study progression will depend on the student’s pace of learning.

Questions? Ask away!